Q: Am I eligible to join ISTERH?

The membership of ISTERH is composed of persons who share the stated purpose of ISTERH and who have provided evidence for the scientific merit and interest in trace element research by having published at least one relevant scientific paper in a refereed journal. Individuals who are not eligible for election as members may apply for Associate membership. Associate members may submit abstracts for presentation under the sponsorship of members and may not vote.

Q: How is the venue of the ISTERH meeting decided?

The officers of ISTERH determine the next meeting site based on geographical concentrations of members, proximity to last meeting site, facility costs and accommodations, general accessibility, and travel facilities and costs.

Q: Why are membership dues different for different countries?

ISTERH recognizes the relation between national economic development and the general ability of members to pay dues and registration fees. All countries are placed in one of three groups according to economic development: Developed, Transitional, and Emerging Economies.