X ISTERH 2013 Information


Oral Presentations

Presenters should bring their powerpoint presentation on a flash drive and arrive at their session room at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the overall session to upload their presentation on the provided laptops.

Please see the time allotted for your oral presentation in the program at www.isterh2013.com, and be sure to respect the exact time limit.

Poster Presentations

The first author or a senior author must be present by the poster during the poster session.

Please mount the posters in the morning, or a minimum of one hour prior to the session. Please remove posters by 17:30 as those left will be removed and discarded.

The poster dimensions are 90 cm wide, 180 cm high. These will be placed on individual easels.

All posters should feature a title, your name, the name of the institution where the research was performed, and should credit others, as appropriate. This information should match that of the abstract. Title lettering should be 3-4 cm, with subheadings 1-1.5 cm.

All lettering should be legible from about 1.5 m away. Text material should be approximately 24 points (0.625 cm).

Poster elements should be mounted with double sided tape tablet that will be supplied by organizers.

Convert tabular material to graphic display, if possible.

Use color to add emphasis and clarity.

Make illustrations simple and bold. Enlarge photos to show pertinent details clearly.

Displayed materials should be self-explanatory, freeing you for discussion.

If possible, handouts of your poster should be available.

for Speakers and Chairpersons (PDF, 741 KB)